Virinderpaul Singh

Filmmaker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Initiated into the world wide web at an early age in 1997. I was initially drawn towards the endless possibilities of exploration and the exchange of ideas. I knew my future was going to be inextricably connected with the net. With the ubiquity of E-commerce and the organization of the web coming through search engines like Yahoo! & Google- a pressing need was created and had to be met.

My efficacy in using search results (SEO) and extracting information through multiple sources was steadily on the rise through the decade long exposure.

Never taking anything for granted, I managed to keep up with the evolution of web tools 2.0, while social media triumphed as the main player for socialization and networking. I was seemingly following a parallel trajectory of life lessons, obtained through this medium. Yet, never quite losing focus with what mattered most: people to people networking- a crucial indicator for personal growth.

It then came as no surprise, that my honors thesis work focused on facebook and personality perceptions. I haven't looked back ever since, as everyday has become an opportunity to learn and share with a global community.

This curiosity has led me towards many avenues and adds to my eclectic tastes: from exploring social media channels, video editing, research & analysis, writing travel blogs, short screenplays, DSLR films, photography, documentary film making and journalism. Adding all these passions is what makes me unique and keeps me refreshed with ideas.

My expertise and professional work experience lies primarily in marketing and social media connectivity. While my passions have led me to research, direct and sell two Canadian documentaries in 2012.

  • Work
    • Director of Versatile Pictures Synched
  • Education
    • Videography & Broadcast Journalism.
    • Psychology
    • Criminology
    • Documentary Director