Rishi Singh

Always remember that i am absolutely unique, just like every1 else...I have 32 teeth, 2 eyes.. ears protruding from left and right sides of my head, a fully functional and hypoactive brain... i have two hands and legs capable of walking at the slowest possible speeds, tho i have managed to outrun Usain Bolt at times....The world laughs at me because I am single. I just smile back and humour them...
my motto in life- smile and the world smiles with u, fart and they stop smilin!!
And i like to Drumming (i always managed 2 make my neighbors cry,and not too gently); Painting ( Can draw rectangular circles, circular squares, elliptical straight lines...); Reading ( diamond, gold and silver comics.... It would be great if someone can find me a copy of platinum comics... ); Pubbing (obviously where rock is bein played...no sisssy or rnb stuff allowed there plizzzzzz);flirting (very passionate about it, tho havent achieved any success yet);swimming (looks pretty much like drowning to unaccustomed eyes); anyways i know karate, kung-fu, kick-boxing, judo and 1000 other dangerous words!!