Singh Styles


Kam Singh Bains is a Vancouver based fashion and men’s personal stylist. After years of helping friends and family style looks for weddings, events, job interviews, dates, etc and helping them build their personal style, Kam decided to use his passion for helping individuals build self confidence and personal style to pursue a career as a stylist, launching Singh Styles.

Kam has worked with business professionals, movie productions, and fashion magazines. His latest work includes styling all of the main characters for a bollywood movie, creating looks for music videos for singers and models, and styling intriguing looks for fashion magazine photoshoots.

Whether it is helping individuals discover their personal style, styling them for specific occasions, or creating outstanding looks for magazines and celebrities, Kam has used his extensive and up to date knowledge of different styles & latest fashion trends and his ability to effortlessly convey style to prove himself as skilled and creative stylist.

Checkout Singh Style's facebook and instagram pages to see what he's up to and what projects he's currenlty working on. You will also find great style guides and tips to help you build your personal style.