singing techniques

Overcoming your fears and learning to sing

All of us wish that we could belt out a ballad anytime we wanted like our favorite superstar, sure. But we can't all have natural-born talent, and while I'm perfectly happy to holler along to the radio while I'm alone at home, it's another story entirely to subject the public to my tone-deaf renditions. A lot of people feel this way, and a lot of people also think that they can never learn to sing without some sort of natural affinity. But singing talent, like any instrument, is almost never something you just have naturally. Anyone can learn how to sing better if they are willing to put in the effort. Not only can practice bring you a better understanding of chords and rhythms, you can also change your voice itself! There are numerous exercises that can improve your vocal range and breathing, which can make a huge difference in the tone, strength, and control of your voice.But that brings up just the same problem I mentioned; to learn to sing, you first have to sing. In front of a teacher, no less, who (you had better hope!) is an accomplished vocalist themselves. Most people find this intimidating if not downright terrifying. However, it's not going to get you very far if you just sing to yourself instead. If we once again think of a singing voice as an instrument, it makes sense that you need proper instructions to become proficient. No one would expect someone who was given a tuba to learn how to play it from owning the thing alone, and you must think of a voice in the same way. However, there is there a good way to obtain the instruction needed to improve your vocal abilities while going at your own pace and not dealing with an audience; online singing lessons.Online, you can find a whole host of programs and websites offering singing tips, and videos for every level and type of voice as well. If you want a professional touch, there are full programs that you can buy as well. There are websites like JABBERDI.COM that can lead you to different programs and lesson packages that can make self-teaching a good option. Kits like these can be more complete, and a lot of times are less expensive than teachers in person. The large variety of online programs available is also a step up from the often limited choices of available teachers in your own town. And the best part? No, audience! You