Singing Torah

Join an organization whose mission is to make children happy, teach them to be better people, and be part of saving their communities from extinction. Young adults seek to belong to their community and to fulfill the expectations of their parents. It can be extremely meaningful to continue the traditions of their grandparents and ancestors. It is a challenge for almost all such young adults, but particularly young adults who may struggle with additional learning challenges such as ADHD, dyslexia, or Asperger's syndrome.

We are a non-profit serving Jewish synagogues in support of Jewish spiritual leaders such as cantors and/or rabbis in their teaching bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah children to join our community of adults. We create web-based tools to increase communal engagement within the Jewish community.

You have been dreaming of becoming a marketing expert. You want to be able to build business relationships that can be career changing. You want to gain experience inspiring potential customers to raise their hand and ask for what they want. You want to create products that literally sell themselves.

You have probably heard about how to diagnose a customer's challenges and convert them into opportunities for service and long-term relationship. You may know about the power of video marketing over the internet, but may never have run your own campaign. You may know the power of blogging to build community, but may be still aching for the opportunity to create a meaningful community yourself. You may have an account on linkedin, facebook, or twitter, but may not use it systematically to connect with a customer base.

Accept real responsibility in service of our community. Put your dreams and aspirations into practice. Implement tactics you are taught. Create a real impact. Make a difference you can be proud of.

Years of software and curriculum development has been invested in this educational technology start-up. We have a deep understanding of our customer base. It is as though we know them each by name. Our portfolio of patents can provide us with exclusivity across a range of innovative technology.