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Newberg, Oregon

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I am a Mom of 3 boys, I can't confirm or deny that I am one of those Moms that is right down on the mat cheering. I have always loved sports and already had a local apparel business when my my sons got into wrestling. They instantly loved wrestling and started asking about custom singlets. I discovered a need for custom uniforms when I wasn't having luck finding my oldest a singlet for his birthday. I could find custom singlets if I purchaed a minimum of 12 but why do I want 12? My sons doesn't want to match the team because it defeats the purpose of "custom". I could also get one if I wanted to pay ridiculously high art and set up fees which at that point I would make him wear it until he graduated. I started designing some singlets that I thought kids would love based off of my sons and it's grown from there. I still do uniforms for other sports but since wrestling is my kiddos passion it also became mine.

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