Rachel Eaton

Poop. Rainbows. Unicorns. NARWHALS. >:D love stuff. music.. heck yeah. ummmmmmmmmm BIOGRAPHICAL STUFF. I like to sit and stare at my imaginary friend...... FRED. I love fred. He is soooooooo funny to talk to. My family thinks im insane because i always randomly laugh at his jokes and they cant see him. too bad. they would love him. he nice. i think im in love with him. OMG what if we got married and had horses for babies!!!! OOOH and then we can ride down double rainbows into fields of pegasus ponies! and then we could fly to the moon and live there for the rest of our lives. and then die. and then haunt our families. OH EM GEE. THEN .. then... THEN! I WILL BE A GHOST FRIEND TOO! and ... well. yeah. it seems pretty amazing to me. I once had a dream that I went to Fairytopia and fell off a cliff. i lost my wings. .. sad :'( Yeah they always say that if you die in your dream you will die that same way in real life. OH GOSH. Maybe I am going to die by falling off a cliff! BUT I WANT TO DIE ON THE MOON WITH FRED!!! AHHHH!!! Help me. help please. If you dont, I will haunt you. I will sneak into your room and tickle you to death. and then bite your head. MWAHAHAHA. I like biting heads. its a good way to tell if someone is dead or not. It actually is a tradition in my family. I bit my dogs head when he died and HE WASNT DEAD! :O hehehehe. hoooo hooo hoo. Santa Clause..... I love him. I think Fred might be a little jealous, you know? I mean, I see Santa only once a year... (sometimes on Valentines Day though... to have some fun.) and Fred sees me every day. Maybe Fred thinks im cheating on him. What if Fred shoves me off a cliff! I LOVE YOU FRED DON'T DO THAT! (He's reading over my shoulder) Cheese is my faaaavorite food. I like to shove it all up my nose. its a more interesting way of eating things. sometimes,, when im really happy.. I like to put it in my hair. ONLY SOMETIMES THOUGH CUS IM REALLY DEPRESSED. I know you can tell. HAAAAAA. Cheese tends to find its way up my butt sometimes. Its really weird. LOL. You know what i really wanna do? Fly off a double rainbow with a leprechaun with a horse shoe in my hand into a field of ... poop. I KNOW RIGHT :D Life time dream of mine. I once saw a double rainbow and I started crying and screaming "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?! Its too intense. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND! God.. HELP ME! What does this mean.... Omg what does it mean?!" and yeaaah waa waa. :'( I thought i was gonna die! But i plan to die on the moon next to FRE