Sinikelo Dzanibe

Student in Soweto, South Africa

My name is Sinikelo Dzanibe. I have bachelor of education which i obtained in 2017 at University of Johannesburg. I was born 27 February 1995 at Orlando East in Soweto. I started school in Zakheni Primary School where I started to realize who am I and what I am capable of doing. Even though I was still young but I knew what I would be in life judging by what the people around me perceived me to be. During my school days I enjoyed helping my classmates and that is what kept me happy as a person. I did not enjoy seeing other people struggling while there is something I can do to help that person. I am doing this course today not to be billionaire who can be praised by everyone but there is nothing he does to transform his community. But I want is “to be a change I want to see”. In other words I must teach the learners things that will make their life better in a positive way. I desire to be an agent not just any agent but agent that is willing to change his country in a positive way. i have bachelor of education, certificate of computer literacy, acknoledgement of volunteering at gift of the gift givers. i have done my school experience in three different schools. i have letter of refferences when they are needed