Sink manufacturer in the United States

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Founded in 2003, Sinkology is dedicated to providing the best possible quality copper sinks, fireclay sinks, copper bathtubs, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and home decor products at the best possible price. We believe that nothing can have as big of an impact as a copper sink when designing your kitchen or bathroom. And now with Sinkology copper sinks, a central focal point in your room, like a copper sink or a fireclay sink, will transform your kitchen or bathroom without busting your budget.

We design our unique copper sinks with the highest-grade, solid, pure copper with durability to last a lifetime. Our copper sinks and other copper products are expertly designed by our skilled artisans and coppersmiths, and all of our copper and fireclay products are tested for quality and functionality. Just to be sure, we offer a lifetime warranty. We know you won’t need to use it, but just in case, it’s there.

We are also committed to preserving the environment and we ensure that our practices and copper products have the smallest impact possible. Fireclay and copper are naturally occurring and fully recyclable products, and we do our best to do our part – from our production workshops to our distribution practices.