Carey L. Inbuon

Serampore College

My name is Carey L. Inbuon. I am the eldest of four siblings. I was born in a Christian home. My grandfather (L) Rev. H.L. Bana was a devoted Christian. His life influence me even right from the early stage of childhood. He and my parents taught me that Jesus died for me on the Cross of Calvary and that I had to accept Him as my Lord in order to become a Christian. They also told me that I was in need of God's salvation for I was a sinner even though just a child.

Because Christian teachings on sin and salvation have been imparted to me from my early childhood I have believed Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior as a child. Though I cannot recollect the exact time of my acceptance of Jesus as my savior and Lord, I have always been confident of my salvation. And I have recieved many spiritual blessings through my relationship with Jesus.

I have always been in close touch with my mother church. I have always felt that I have a responsibility to help people in my own capacity. About 6 years I've served my local church and its ministries with lots of enthusiasm and devotion. My experience have taught me that I need to keep Christian responsibility more serious for which, I feel, I need some formal training. By the grace of God here I am now persuing my Bachelor Of Divinity (BD) degree under the Senate of Serampore College.

Apart from my Christian experience, I have always wanted to become a Pastor like my grandfather was. Now I am convinced that God want me to serve his people as Pastor. The Motto of Jesus Christ that He came to earth not to be served but to served has always touched and inspired me to follow His examples. This is my conviction and I hope that God will help me to take up this responsibility so that I can serve Him faithfully and efficiently all the rest of my life..

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Divinity (BD)