Svetlana Sinne Ridal

Tallinn, Estonia

My name is Svetlana but I like to call myself Sinne, and my friends call me Ёж ("Yozh" - "hedgehog" in Russian). I'm an everlasting student (of social anthropology at the moment), and feeling constantly astray in this strange world made by strange humans. I'm an active escapist (to Tolkien's Arda and/or to my own worlds) but I still love the planet I live on. And all this diversity of creatures living on it. I just wish one kind of creatures, Homo sapiens sapiens, did not destroy all other life forms and themselves. It all went too far and I hope we stop the devastation before it is too late.
Music is my medicine. Doom metal is a rather strong and almost universal medicine, although it has some side effects as well as tends to become addictive. Goth rock to heal stress. Folk to fight apathy. A pinch of black metal to summon unknown inner forces when nothing else helps. And Ulver. Ulver in any situation.

Enchanted by the Moon. Spellbound by the sea. Gazing at the sky. Hugging trees. Writing poetry when attacked by the muse.

Overall... a lupine girl astray.

  • Education
    • Tallinn University