kendra !!!

woo jiho enthusiast in Pennsylvania

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yo dudes im kendra!! if u clicked here im guessing u want to know more abt me idk why but!!! here we go!!! 😳😳

name: kendra

nickname: solar ☀️

pronouns: fem, she/her

sexuality: queer

birthday: feb 22 (pisces)

ult bias: woo jiho aka zico the loml ( block b) 💕💕💕

other groups i stan and my biases: jung wheein (mamamoo), kim namjoon (bts), kim wonsik (vixx), kwon jiyong (bigbang), park sungjun (boys rep), kim junmyeon (exo), lee chaelin (2ne1), im changkyun (monsta x), kim sihyoung (history), jeon jiyoon (4minute), kim taeyang (topp dogg), kim yugyeom (got7)

solo kartists i stan: hyuk kwon (dean), park jaebeom (jay park), lee seonghwa (gray), jung kisuck (simon dominic), lee joonkyung (dok2), shin hyeosub (crush)

groups i stan with no bias: uniq, shinee, 24k, super junior, madtown


i've been diagnosed with:

• major recurrent depression

• generalized anxiety disorder

• hyperactive attention disorder (inattentive type)

!!!!!!!PLEASE TAG!!!!!!!

trypophobia, eating disorders (esp anorexia), self-harm (visual), veins, mention of dead parents

fav anime: blue exorcist, sword art online, another, madoka magica

fav female character: asada shino/sinon (sword art online)

fav male character: rin okumura (blue exorcist)

fav nonkorean artists: PORTER ROBINSON!!!, twenty one pilots, breathe carolina, madeon, krewella, miley cyrus, justin biever, uverworld, vocaloid, teddyloid, hardwell, drake

🍼 other facts about my ugly ass:

-im kinda offensive


-im 5'7" n ya my real hair color is black


-i saw bigbang live 10/10/15 i was saved

-i love art, i'll try to post my art sometimes but i m ugly

-all i watch is horror movies tbh

🍉 ways to contact me:

twitter: ultzico (uitzico, the I is an uppercase i)

tumblr: strawberrycha

kik: solarprincess

snapchat: kendrafrick

skype: ask

facebook: ask

vine: its just kendra, should be connected to my twitter

personal ig: kendrafrick