sinorock bolts

Since 2012, our mission has been focused on manufacturing and developing superior quality products specialized in anchoring purpose. Our products include Sinorock@ Self Drilling Hollow Anchor Bolt (R-thread), Self drilling anchor bolt,Expansion Shell Bolts,Friction Anchor Bolts,etc.

So Sinorock is a professional

bolt manufacturer

Sinorock has its own factory. We have several advanced anchor bolt production lines and accessories processing equipments. In order to provide reliable products for customers, we have built a strict quality control system. This year, we add a new production line especially for the large diameter anchor bolt., Sinorock has been serving for customers from 50 countries and products are widely used by over 100 projects around the world.

Sinorock has its own quality supervision systems. Being the leader exporter of self-drilling anchor bars in Asia, quality control has been always Sinorock’s biggest concern. Our quality testing equipment number ranks first on the list in anchor manufacturing industry in Asia. It is Sinorock’s mission to support your construction with products of high quality. And we use our camera and then record the moments. We put this into a video on the web. You can comprehensive experience of Sinorock anchor bolt products in the manufacturing process.Intuitive understanding of our products quality supervision system.

Our employees are trained many times per year,including management knowledge, technology,occupational skills,language and so on. Internal promotionplan is introduced in Sinorock, employees with outstanding performances have the opportunity to get promotion based on his/her ability and willingness.

This, combined with our entrepreneurial spirit, has enabled a gradual and smooth shift from a manufacturing-based self-drilling anchor bars company to one based on the provision of services's comprehensive group.