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Modular Trailers, SPMT, and Container Chassis in Wuhan, China

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SinoTrailers – a KUNTA Group company, supplies China specialized trailers and other special heavy transport equipment to move oversize and abnormal cargo.

SinoTrailers will always offer a wide range of heavy transport equipment and provide you an economic and effective solution for heavy load transport.

• Design, manufacture and sales of modular trailer, shipyard transporter, self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and other heavy haul trailers.

• OEM equipment production for specified project need.

• Full set of after sales service, we offer onsite training and field commissioning.

• Lifetime spare parts supply.

• Customized design & tailor made full set heavy abnormal load and oversize load transportation equipment/attachments solution.

• Technical back up for client transport project.

• Equipment financial and leasing service.