Sintia Carolina

Batam, Kepri, Indonesia.


Watashi wa Sintia Carolina des. Watashi wa SMA N 1 no seito des. Watashi wa Indonesia Jin des. ^_^

JESUS is number one for me. Next My beloved Family, after that all of my best friends, my teachers, and my classmates. And the last is myself.

Now, i'm in grade X. I wanna be one of the most important person in the world although Just an ordinary girl. But who is also confident, and not give up easily.

I love Music, and i like Chess, Self Defense, Badminton, and Golf.

Actually still a lot I want to say, but i'm being tired to type. hehehe :D

So, Sayoonaraaaaaaaaaa.... ^^

  • Education
    • SMA N 1 BATAM.