Siobhan O'Neill-Schwenk

Brand Strategist, Experience Strategist, and Communications Strategist in Los Angeles, CA

I’m a Brand, Experience, and Communications Strategist. Check me out at any of the links below.

I'm not a "guru," a "unicorn," or a "hacker," and I don't have a "personal brand." I've spent over a decade serving a long list of F500-level clients and I just got way too busy for all of that.

Longtime ghostwriter of all manner of industry articles, presentations, and other nonfiction textware you've likely read; sadly, I'll be under NDA until the end of time so no links, sorry.

My curiosity doesn't kill cats (I have two of them, very much alive). It does, however, kill a lot of my free time. I research like it's about to be outlawed, I track sources like a bloodhound, and with good preparation, I can hit the center of a good story from 500 yards. On the first try.

I care way too much about my work and what people think of me.

I don't care enough about laundry and logic puzzles.

I'm writing a book. For fun this time.

  • Education
    • USC Annenberg, UCSB, UCLA