Siobhan Mckenna

Siobhan Mckenna

Siobhan, (24) originally from the State Of New Jersey, has been living in Dublin for over a decade.

From an early age it was clear that Siobhan had a talent. In school she was placed into the Honours Choir and performed in halls all over Phoenix. She was later enrolled into a state choir and at 15 Siobhan took up vocal training. It was here Siobhan became involved with "Stage door productions" that was run by Pat Howe, choreographer of "You're a Star."

Siobhan performed in the National Concert Hall in Dublin for two years, performing tributes for Artists such as ABBA and The Begees. Upon finishing school, Siobhan began singing backing vocals for Omar Simon, an artist on the label "Ramus Records." Together, they opened for r&b artist "Sean Kingston" on his Irish tour.

Eventually Siobhan was signed as the next artist on the label and was then asked to move to London to produce an album. On arrival in London Siobhan was linked with PR agent Max Clifford and worked alongside Grammy award winner John Hudson in the world famous Mayfair Studios in Primrose Hill.

More recently Siobhan appeared on The Voice of Ireland where she became an instant hit with the public. Following her shock exit from 'The Voice', Siobhan toured with The Women of Ireland in the United States.

As a solo artist, her debut solo single, "Taking back my love" is in its final stages of production. Previously with the outfit Boogie Nights, Siobhan also takes bookings for church ceremonies and weddings. You can contact her below.