Siofra Connor

Blogger and Milliner in England, United Kingdom

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Well hello there, I thought I’d better introduce myself.

I’m a girl in my mid-thirties who still gets asked for ID when I buy alcohol in a supermarket.

I have a degree in illustration for children’s publishing, but soon after leaving university I realised the whole drawing thing wasn’t really for me. I still like to do the odd doodle, but I’m not talented or competitive enough to make it in the world of children’s book illustration. So I now make hats ( if you want to check out what I do). I’m not particularly competitive in the hat making world either, but it keeps me sane!

I like a lot of stuff, comics and unicorns are pretty high up on the list (obviously), but I also like small fluffy animals, stickers, cartoons, Disney, cosplay, Harry Potter, cheese, cocktails, detective shows, sewing, the list goes on and on and on…….