Aricka Basto ♥

Just call me Aii or SiomAii. 15. LOVELESS. Filipina. Student. Im a simple girl with simple dazzling dreams. Im outspoken, talkative, very transparent, I'm a sister, best friend and I can be an enemy. I love hugging people who'm I feel I love most. I'm form a separated family. I'm an honor student at University Of Baguio Preparatory High School. I'm one in a billion, I'm very sensitive when it comes to family issues, I love to laugh, I'm called MS.FRIENDSHIP, i'm crazy, i'm a dream catcher, I want to be a Medical Technologist someday at thesame time a Teacher and a Stewardess :) Im very positive in life, I don't have everything I want but I have everything I need, but behind that strong personality I still have a soft heart. I'm SELOSA, I get pity easily. So much to tell, so much to say I'm who am I and I will always be the Aii you love :") ♥