Simon Parker


Entrepreneur, full time ideas machine and muso.

Thanks for dropping by. I dont pretend to be an expert in any field. I believe firmly that once someone counts as an expert in a field they stop learning and i never want to do that. I think discovery and learning are our most basic of our needs and intrinsic to being human.

Ive spent my life going from dream to dream and I hope to never stop dreaming and reaching for something better.

I currently run a web design and SEO company near birmingham Coffee Black which provides everything from ecommerce to social media advice.

I am an active partner in Online For Equine a online equine store (as you may have guessed) which provides a massive range of products for the savvy consumer.

I ahve several other interests in terms of businesses including and The Tattoo Forum

Im sure ill put some more info in gradually but thats a start.

  • Work
    • CoffeeBlack
  • Education
    • Sutton Coldfield College