Sipiwe Laurence Maseko

Student teacher in Hurst Hill, South Africa

Hey, I’m Sipiwe Laurence. I’m a Student teacher living in Hurst Hill, South Africa. I am a fan of entrepreneurship, Teaching, and poetry. I’m also interested in politics and reading. You can view my portfolio with a click on the button above.My subjects are Business studies and Tourism Development. chose a 4 year B.E.d route over other options because I was certain that my choice of profession was 'set in stone' therefore it seemed like the best option to help me become the best teacher I could. Although i'm not opposed to a PGCE or other routes the 4 year degree in teaching is so much more thorough - I have had 4 different placements for 6 weeks each in years 1,2,4 & 5 (along with two Special needs placements of two weeks each)...something with you don't get on some other courses.I chose Business studies as my first major after falling in love with the subject. I started of 'dabbling' with a number of subjects but Business really gave me a buzz and I loved the fact it was black and white. You are either right or you are wrong most of the time. This saved me the 'because I said so arguments' last period on a Friday in the more artistic subjects.

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    • University of Johannesburg
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    • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
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