Sir Cumpherence


I am a composer and arranger of songs in various musical genres, ranging from Jamaican Ska, Rock Steady, and Reggae, to Surf Rock, Synth Rock, Latin, Soul, and Piano Music. I am not your typical composer though. While I do play instruments, namely the electric guitar, tenor saxophone, and a little bit of piano, I do all of my compositions and arrangements using the Apple Computer app "Garageband," and I find it to be quite suitable to my needs. Thus, while I do record my electric guitar playing and some percussion instruments in real time using my computer's microphone, most of the instruments heard in my songs are software instruments provided on Garageband, from the drums to the piano, organ, synth, woodwinds, strings, etc. And quite frankly, even though my compositions are written using computer software, Garageband's instruments sound quite real and are not too electronic sounding.

I got my start in music early in life, taking piano and guitar lessons when I was a child. In my early teens, I received an electric guitar (a Fender Stratocaster) for Christmas from Santa Clause after begging for one that year, and continued with guitar lessons, although I never took them as seriously as I could and should have. I grew up listening to bands like the Aquabats and other Third-Wave Ska/Punk bands, as well as oldies, and I would constantly try to imitate their sounds and learn their songs on guitar. I began composing and recording music in high school, around age 15 or so. I had gotten a nice keyboard-synthesizer for Christmas that was capable of recording up to 12 tracks on a floppy disk, and I would record all the percussion, synths, keys, and horns on the keyboard and play guitar along. Unfortunately, most of those songs are now lost on those old floppy disks which probably don't work too well anymore. At that time, I was very much into late 70s and 80s New Wave, as well as Synth Pop, so most of my music sounded like DEVO, Depeche Mode, A Flock of Seagulls, OMD, etc., although I was still in Ska at this time as well as some Punk, so that made its way into my compositions as well.

I would record these songs played on the keyboard and my guitar on a tape recorder, because that is all I had access to/could afford at the time. I went away to college and tried my luck at majoring in music. This is when I picked up the saxophone, which I picked up quite quickly. At this time, I was much more in Ska music, having discovered the originat

  • Education
    • BYU, Provo, UT