Ryan Daws

20 Years Old.

Host a Tech-Discussion Show called [TEChBrits] (@TEChBrits) YouTube.com/TEChBrits

Writer for 'The Real Geeks' at http://RealGeeksTech.com

We discuss, review and take in-depth looks at the latest tech around the world, including new advancements online.

Proud 'Techie', love the latest gadgetry, stay well-informed on the inside-out of the industry's latest and greatest innovations.

Bodybuild in spare time and enjoy nights-out socialising with friends, just like to have a good time with like-minded people.

Realise you only live once, should experience the most of life as you have it. Believe every day is a gift.

Will always follow my dreams as they come to me, until then, I'll live each day as it comes, and to the fullest I can achieve.


Ryan Daws.