Amy McBee

North Carolina

Hello and Welcome,

Thank you so much for taking the time to glance at my blog and thanks for being forgiving to my rookie mistakes as I am very new to this all!

So, about me! I am a California girl born and raised, however, I am currently living in North Carolina with my husband who is stationed here (go Navy!) I'm 25 years old/young, lol.

Anyways! I am a nail polish freak (so original these days I know :p) but the last thing I really liked and was my hobby before polish was collecting TY beanie babies when I was 13 so I really am happy to have a hobby and love the positive ways of the nail polish lovers community :)

It all started when my boyfriend (now husband) left for boot camp in July 2012. I was lonely and nail polish was there for me!

My blog will mostly be posts about nail polish and nail art, however, there will be variation at times. Variation meaning I will throw in some awesome beauty finds (or just finds) and since I am 100% Mexicana (don't let my last name fool you) the occasional Latino Pride post, jajaja.

Thank you for your time again and enjoy :)

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