Sirena Van Schaik

London, Ontario

Born in British Columbia, Canada, I have always had a passion for writing. Through all of my travels, from a move to Cincinnati, Ohio, travel around the United States and Canada and finally settling in Ontario, Canada, I have gained both an appreciation for the world and the influence it has had on my writing.

While writing is my passion and career, before I began offering my services as a freelance writer to others, I was an Early Childhood Educator.

Graduating in the top 1% of my class, I received 3 awards as well as the College Silver Medal for Excellence, excellence that I strive to achieve for my clients. I worked for nearly 10 years in the education field and had the unique opportunity of working in the emergent curriculum field when it was first introduced into Canada.

My background in education has made me an valuable writer to many parenting and education magazines, websites and companies around the world.

While I am uniquely qualified for the education field, I have strong researching skills making me a versatile writer. I am always excited and willing to learn new topics and have applied this in my career as a successful ghostwriter. Writing full time since 2007, I have ghostwritten over 50 books and have worked as an editor, blogger, and journalist.

When it comes to voice, I have the ability to tie into the voice you are looking for. In addition, I am able to write on a wide range of topics from medical to self help, from dogs to gardening, from sports to crafts, the possibilites are endless in the topics I can cover.

I have been published in materials such as Chicken Soup for the Child’s Soul, Chicken Soup’s What I Learned from the Cat and True Volume 2.

For more information on the work I have done, visit my portfolio page.

If you are interested in learning more about me or my writing, please contact me.

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    • Ghostwriter, Journalist and Author
  • Education
    • Early Childhood Educator