James Guinevan

Artist Statement:
I create work that explores mans
relationship with the world around him
and how it affects him mentally and
physically .My work often melds unrelated
imagery together or is sometimes an
image within an image ,sometimes
straightforward but othertimes abstract
and random.

Before approaching a work I will usually
come upon the idea whilst out and about
doing other things ,I sketch that idea
down and then when I begin my work I
dont necessarily stick to the original
sketch I often deviate a bit so the
creativity retains a freshness and vigour
elements which are important in an
artwork.I work mostly in pen and
ink,sometimes in oils and other mediums
and work at a slow pace due to the
intricacy of the work.
I am a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design graduating with a degree in Fine Art .
I was a member of Limerick Printmakers for 4 years exhibiting there also.
I have had over 20 exhibitions or so between Ireland,South Korea and America .
I currently reside in Ireland after 4 years spent living and working in South Korea .