Honoka Kousaka

Student in Kraków, Poland

Honoka Kousaka

Student in Kraków, Poland

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🌻About Me🌻

Hey! I'm Feliks/any kin names. I'm sapphic and Fickin and Otherkin. He/They only please.


•You are kin with any kins or IDs with a star /asterisk by their name.

•You won't tag or see me as me.

•You go by Rae, Kitty, Summer, Elka.

•You think or you go to my school.

•You're anti-LGBT, transphobic, a TERF, pro-DDLG, hate Jews and Muslims and POC, normal BYF criteria.

•You are a fan or kin of Killing Stalking.

•You are kin with Chiaki, Hanayo, Veronica Sawyer, Lucy H., because those are my two QPPs.




Honoka Kousaka (Love Live)*

I am Honoka Kousaka. I do not want any doubles following me at all. I have regular memories of her and vivid memories.

Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)*

I am Usagi Tsukino! The same applies from Honoka to Usagi.

Feliks Jozef Łukasiewicz(Hetalia)

Absolutely no doubles upon Feliks.

•90% Me•

Yohane Tsushima (Love Live Sunshine)*

Heather Chandler (Heathers Movie, Heathers the Musical)*

Peggy Schuyler (Hamilton the Musical)*

Maria Reynolds (Hamilton The Musical)*

Pamela Isley / Poison Ivy (DC universe)*

Moana (Moana)*




Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)

-This goes from every form of Miku, I am her.

Mari Ohara (Love Live Sunshine)

Merida Dunbroch (Brave)*

Mikasa Ackerman (SNK)*

Steve Rogers (Marvel Comics and Movies)

Megara (Hercules)

Stitch (L&S)

Mercy (Overwatch)


(doubles you will have to ask about)

•Isabelle (ACNL)

•Female Team Skull Grunt

•Fluttershy (Human AU mostly)

•Haruka / Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon Series)

•Niko Yazawa (Genderbent Nico Yazawa|||Love Live)

•Seborga (Hetalia)

•Wy (Hetalia)

•The Doctor (Doctor Who)

—> (10 and 11)

•Wendy Courdory (Gravity Falls)

-I have More kins but these are most of them-


You are kin with APH Lithuania.


-Pandakin (Giant Panda)

-Otterkin (River otter)

-Plantkin (Cactus and Sunflower)

-Sirenkin (A blue androgynous siren)


Who's in my headspace:

All forms of APH Poland, yet Feliks is strongest.







The Doctor


Now that you are done DM me a sunflower emoji!