Steve Peake

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Firstly Sorry about the weirdness of the background but i though i would be different and use my Xbox live avatar (shame you cant get them in High Def)

Im a 22 year old, Molecular Biotechnology student at the university of Birmingham having completed my undergratuate in Forensic Science Student at the University of Lincoln. Love to learn new things about absolutly everything. Im very passionate about new Technology, Movies and Occasionally Games.

Currently im in the middle of trying to start up a channel on Youtube where my aim is to try and reveiw Games, Films and also prehaps create my own short films and even some real life films based on what i see daily. I hope to have this going Summer 2011.

Im Influence alot by Microsoft which is my favourite company based on the inovations that they produce on a yearly basis. Its companies like Microsoft, Sony and Organisations like the Royal Society of Chemistry that make me aspire to do more with myself.

If you want to know anything about me just ask...

  • Education
    • Currently studying MSc in Molecular Biotechnology