Sirrah Harris

Dallas, Texas, United States

As a child growing up in southwest Dallas Texas I had a keen interest towards numbers. My parents nicknamed me "the count" just like the character on Sesame Street. This was due to my infatuation with counting everything. At the age of 6 I fell in love with the game of basketball and I began collecting basketball trading cards. These cards had players statistics on the back and I loved memorizing players stats. It was my passion to keep up with players stats and compare them with each other. I always knew that if I did not make it playing basketball in the NBA, then I would have a career where I dealt with numbers. So far this is true, I am currently working as business intelligence for JPMorganChase where I deal with large sets of data, statistics, and financal’s. This is all number related and I enjoy working with numbers on a daily basis, but my dream job would be to take my breadth of knowledge and mesh this with the NBA. I believe that if I ever get the opportunity to use my matematical brain and mix this with my love of basketball it would be a true recipe for success.

  • Work
    • Jp Morgan Chase
  • Education
    • Texas Wesleyan University
    • Musicians Institute