Nicholas Carpenter

Nampa, Idaho

"If a camera was placed on your head and recorded everything you did and said, not your thoughts, feelings, emotions, or ideas, would anybody want to watch it?" Essentially Donald Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" Who am I, you might ask? I'm Nicholas Wilson Carpenter, or Nick for all you informal people. I'm firstly a Christian, secondly a nerd, and an extremely unique person. I do indeed do my best to represent a minority group of people called "Gentlemen and Scholars". My passions are God, helping people, Lord of the Rings, medieval stuff, music (playing and listening), theological ideas, and words/linguistics. I'm going to school in hopes of becoming either a counseling pastor or a Biblical professor, or both. Random facts: I've shot archery since I was 5, I've been told I'm a great air musician, I've been to the other side of the world twice, I've been told multiple times I could have an amazing career as a voice actor, I'm from California yet I've never met a celebrity (with the exception of Rob Bell and Erwin McManus), I can quote all 11 hours and 43 minutes of LotR Extended Edition, when I was born 7 of the planets were aligned, and I have darn-near perfect hair.

  • Work
    • First Christian Church
  • Education
    • Centennial High School Bakersfield, CA
    • Northwest Nazarene University
    • Bakersfield College