Steven Kittle

Well, I'll be 50 years old Dec. 21, this year. My wife died 4 years ago. and this is the first time I've tried to do something without her at my side. The first 4 years after her death I spent in a nursing home. And now I'm in an assited living home "The Inn at Renissance Village in Middletown, OH. It a wonderful place, good food good activsvies, housekeeping, landury, basicly you just have to get up and go to bed. And I want out of here so badly, I want to cook my own food seasoned the way I like it, I want to pay rent, buy food, pay for cable, pay for water, heat, light bills, and yes I'm problemly totally crazy for wanting to leave THE INN. I enjoy TV, Cooking, the internet and Secoud Life. I like BDSM and if you don't know what that is don't worry about it, you probulely won't want to know. But THE INN is a box self contained small little world were you have rights but they don't matter because their is no rreason to use them