Sir Vantes

System Center Operations Manager Admin in Washington

SCOM presents an intimate view into what is going on in an Enterprise-class computing environment.

It readily presents knowledge on thousands of client systems sorted by severity and critical states.

Paired with an email-based ticketing system, it can automatically direct these alerts to the team(s) responsible for resolving them.

One can easily discover where problems impact performance with default rules and monitors. Altering and overriding the defaults, as well as creating new ones, one can precisely adjust SCOM to send actionable alerts before issues will cause a customer-facing problem.

System Center Operations Manager offers several ways to control the types of alerts and when they go from informational to warning to Critical/All Hands On Deck, giving support and engineering teams time to address the root cause before your customer ever sees the slightest blip.

Maybe my enthusiasm is affected by the many solutions found as a SCOM Admin and discovering elegant ways to solve customer issues.

Or it could be this is the best tool for the tasks I've been asked to accomplish.