I’m siscaosin, just call me ‘osin’ , so simple :)

I love many things in my life, too much :*

rain | sky | star | my family | Surabaya, my heroes city | my job | music | maroon5 | the beatles | movie action | Indonesian Salad, e.g : gado-gado, pecel, urap-urap | and more…

I’ve so many things to do, and I LOVE IT :)

many people say that I’m a dreamer. Am I a dreamer? yeah, maybe i think so #whatever

I’ve many dreams, and I believe that dreams can come true, someday :)

trust in GOD, all is well :)

” Today’s feat was yesterdays dreams. Today’s dreams lead to tomorrow’s success “

OK. I think it’s all,

xoxo ^^