Trixie Michella

Jesus, my Savior, my King, my Way, and my Friend all the time and He will never leave me alone. My big family, including kippy, my dog, who gave me a funny thing when i feel sad. My friends! Ohahaha, they're everything for me but i know, someday they will leave me, right? My bestest friend. I wish i had this one.

I'm a kpop-holic, so never disturb me when i fangirling over about this kpop. A sm-stan and all fandom biased. I have many many many bias(es) but, who care about my bias list?

At least, yeah, you know about "It's impossible to forget someone who gave you so much to remember?" yeah, i agree. I NEVER and WON'T forget memories? about my daddy. He's like my superhero, friend, dad, enemy, and yeah my very big brother, hahaha! Hey, dad. I know you'll never read this, but i know something. That you're can look the deep of my heart that i really love and miss you. So, wait me till God pick me up to Heaven, ok? Hahaha.

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