Sissy Petropoulou

Greek girl, Scientist living in San Francisco exploring what this world has to offer. I always thought I belong to the world (whatever that means) and I wanted to travel and live outside Greece. I have been described as "hungry mind", "open hearted", "life of the party" and "Greek mama". Also according to my friends..I am Sissy, Sissara, Shilia, Sissaki or Sissoula :D

I am interested in Public Health & Biomonitoring. My work is focused to protect humans from exposures to industrial chemicals. I do my ideal job but I am also interested in creative business ideas..SF gets you in this set of mind to do more, to think outside the box, the circle, to have no limits.

I have no kids, no husband, no dogs, no cats..but I got lots of friends ;D I love to hang out with friends, go to the movies, learn about cultures, find out new scientific discoveries, dream, laugh, talk, drink coffee, swim and walk at the beach, go to museums, go to live concerts. Spinning and hiking are my passions. It's amazing how your thoughts are in order after an extended walk in nature. I love exploring new places, doing new things and meet new people.