Sista Dhira Renati


yep that’s me XD, my name Sista, or most people know me by Aira/Veiss.
I’m just a typical artist from Indonesia who likes to draw stuffs XD. also have interest in cartoon/animated film and exotic/sport cars. i tend to get hype for things to XD.
people usually know me under my dragoness persona name Airana Stormrider, which is a ice-enthusiast lizzard.
I’m currently studying in faculty of informatics engineering (informatika) at a university in my town, or computer science if you didn’t get a grip on it haha.

yeah that’s a brief explanation about myself, if you have any question in mind, do ask ^^, i likes when people ask thing haha
"mostly active on tumblr, deviantart, and facebook."

  • Education
    • Study computer science at UNPAS