Sister Deborah A. Young

Sister Deborah A. Young, Evangelist

At the age of six years old I began to write; what thus saith my heart. With the encouragement of and appreciation of my mother and her death just years later, I pursued writing throughout my life. In addition, I have spent most of my life, since 1978, as an Outreach & Support Specialist and a Crisis Intervention Specialist. In 1987, at the age of thirty, I gave my life and heart to the Lord. For which, the Lord called and ordained me into the ministry, in 1989, as a Pentecostal Evangelist with gifts to operate, here and now; in the Last Days (Ref: Jeremiah 1:4-10, Joel 2:28)

As I mentioned, I have written most of my life; a variety of publications and other miscellaneous writings in passing. However, my greatest writing challenge has been my most current publication, “My Life In Him: Miracles, Prophecies, Prayers & Praises”. This book is about my private life; for which, I have always been a private person. Yet, my desire is to bring the Lord glory by releasing this book to the public and totally surrendering to the Lord—to let Him work on the hearts of the readers.

My next book as ordained by the Lord, is entitled “Thee Hour”; for which, I am currently working on.

My greatest credential is my B.S. (Baptism of the Holy Spirit).

When I look upon my life: I am truly grateful and blessed beyond belief. I’m like a little kid resting in the Lord, according to all things that may bring Him glory! I’m a true child of the King of Kings and nothing less, whom shall forever be My All And All. Amen.