Sisters of Mercy

Warszawa, Polska

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Abaut community:

Our language is English and Polish.

We are 4 women


Offcial: white habit ,white veil, and cross

To job sisters can use black/grey habit (or blouse and long black skirt with veil,or not if its necessary to job)

(right now we wear white thirts and black long skirts)


*Beauty of Liturgy

*Work for poor and lonely

*Work in Media-we tell world about God

*Bible promo

*Work for children , "Safe Children program"

*Work in hospitales

*The lighting of the lights on the abandoned graves, visiting cemeteries


*Work for Church


*Pro live

*Promotion of health life

*Promotion of Ecology, Talk about Earht's problems

*Help in faith for prisoners (for willing sisters only)

*Missions (for health sisters only)

Patroness is st.Francesco

We are open for all religions and continents.

Basic Requirement for the admission to our Congregation

We have no minimum school qualification to join community. All candidates may be accepted if she's good person,patient to sick people,mercyfull to poor.

At the time of entry the candidate should be within the age limit of 17-50 years. Older woman can be secular sisters (they'll get crosses and black dresses,but not habit)

Free from Canonical impediments

(must be single or widow)

Sound Christian principles

Correct moral attitude

Ability to live in community

Supernatural motives

Readiness for apostolic and missionary service

Sound health of mind and body
God loves YOU,remember

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