Sistum Change


Sistum Change


"Take a chunk of #HPAutonomy and add a bucketful of #IBMWatson with a rainbow of everything else and give it to the Peoples of the World to sort out as many of their own problems as they can... sooner rather than later"

Let's do some sums

One Billion females abused +

How many LGBT people abused?

How many 'strangers'?

How many innocents in prison?

How many children sold for sex at major sporting events?

How many children sold out of dire need for money to live?

How many people selling their own bodies for the money to live?

How many older people living alone and cold?

How many amazing people limited by the cruelty or just the ignorance of others?

How many simple dreams destroyed by a system that was designed by the rich for the rich?

How many people have died from lack of cheap medicines?

How many people have died, and are dying now, from battles of one sort or another?


We know a lot of people are basically content and even happy to be alive on the surface of a blue planet in a vast open space filled with future knowledge for the human race... How many are there?

.... and where is the real toolkit for getting those in the first list into the second list?

That's what's on offer.

The tools to do the job, whatever that job is.

Time to start sorting out a lot of problems sooner rather than later

Now would be good.

Hence why I've 'booked' a 17,000 core supercomputer for next February 14th 2016 so, if you want some major help and change in circumstance for those in list one START TALKING TO ME

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