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Here's a few of my favorite links for happiness in mind, body, & spirit.

** Healthy radio: (recent archives >; older archives > (Richard Pearl Sat. Noon Central; archives > (Dr. Wright’s topic-specific excerpts from his podcasts) (health truth exposed)

** Research notes:

** Products/vendors I use: (enzymes are the most important supplement; referral code T00011 saves 30%)

** Interesting links: (heal the gut) (mineral/vitamin list) (sound heals!) (vaccine legislation status) (vaccines cause microvascular strokes) (short audio) (vaxxed vs unvaxxed kids) (the PDF) (vax detox) (get them here) (potent medicine!) (more potent medicine!) (beets are the bomb!) (mini-beet protocol interview) (don't eat the GMOs!) (Seeds of Death < GMO movie) (grow your food!)

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