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Remove Ads on YouTube on your Android phone

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Over the past few years, YouTube videos have become increasingly integrated with various videos, which has led to the inability of standard blockers to remove annoying ads. Based on this, users automatically had a question about how to block youtube ads for Android. This can be done in different ways. If previously it was necessary to carry out a complicated process for installing Xposed Framework, now there are more simple options.


How to block ads on youtube?

Many users do not want to use sophisticated methods to resolve this issue. To refuse additional unnecessary videos, you can download a unique application, known as Cygery AdSkip, without giving Root rights. Before connecting, you need to carefully check whether the option that monitors unknown sources is activated and only after that, you can activate the utility download.

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The essence of this utility is that as soon as a video with extraneous information is launched, a special Skip button appears. The application will do everything to skip youtube double ads. All this will make watching movies and other files unobtrusive. The described software offers users to enable a special service to ensure accessibility. For this purpose, such manipulations will be required:

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It is required to activate the OK button in the corresponding notification.

After that, you need to select "Service".

After that, you will need to return to Cygery AdSkip and complete the settings.

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Here it should be noted that the operation “Enabled” should be marked with a special tick. In some cases, the user may be required to disable the operation with sound in the process of showing an unnecessary informational clip.

How to block youtube ads android no root?

Standard blockers unnecessary clips such as AdAway or Adblock Plus, do not fully cope with a variety of ads.