Backus Family

"In 2003 we gave birth to little Sophie. We've always thought about our child's future - even before her birth. We thought about the impact we would have on her and the environment. Would she grow up to enjoy clean fresh air? Would she enjoy the sensation of a walk on the beach? So many questions ran through our minds as to how we could contribute to a sustainable tomorrow for us and more importantly for little Sophie. That's when we took actions into our own hands to see what we could do to reduce our impact on the environment. We found green monster and learned all about the things we can do to make our lives better for both us and Sophie's greener tomorrow.

"Thank you green monster for showing us how to contribute to a sustainable tomorrow."

Thank you Backus Family. Truth is - we love hearing stories like yours. You help keep us honest and motivate us to continue to contribute to a cause greater than ourselves. To find out more about the green monster experience and learn how you can contribute to a sustainable tomorrow - stay tuned in.