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A: I'm a lousy poker player, mainly because I can not help grinning like the village idiot when blessed with a winning hand or frowning like a sad clown when given a dud.

I also never mak...

Q: I've recommended for a fantastic new product. There's nothing like it on the market and no competition that I could find. I think it'll become a huge success and so does everyone I tell the theory to. I'm prepared to bet the farm on this one. What do you think my chances of success are?

A: I am a poor poker player, for the reason that I can't help grinning like the village idiot when blessed with a successful hand or frowning like a sad clown when dealt a dud.

I also never make possibilities on the achievement of 'amazing new services' because more often than perhaps not the only thing that is amazing is the way the product is totally overlooked by the buying public. Within my software business there were times when we came up with what we thought was an amazing concept for an amazing piece of software - a piece of software therefore amazing, in fact, that we knew that all mankind would sit up and take notice, then line up to write us inspections.

After numerous hours and thousands of dollars spent developing the product we were surprised to discover that the only those who thought the software was undoubtedly remarkable was us. Fundable Ledified includes further about when to think over it.

We made mankind yawn. Quite an incredible accomplishment, if I do say therefore myself.

It worries me that you say there's nothing like your idea on the market. As you might think that's the best thing, it could really mean that there's no market for the product. The same is valid for a lack of competition. A total lack of competition might mean that there's no need for this type of item.

Seldom does an item arrive that revolutionizes an industry. Rarer still does an item create a new business by itself. So, how will you tell if your wonderful new product is really worth gambling o-n? The simple truth is, you are able to never be a large number of sure that your idea can sell. No matter how enamored you're of it or how much your friends talk about it, the achievement of a new idea depends on several factors, many of which are beyond your control.

Such factors include: