Being Thando

Art Director, Designer, and Social Media Manager in Johannesburg, South Africa

Being Thando

Art Director, Designer, and Social Media Manager in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Our constant connectedness has its benefits - it's hard to imagine a time when some useless trivial dispute could'nt be settles without a smartphone's instantaneous Google search availing a world of knowledge and learning.

Traditional forms of "anything" are slowly but surely being side lined as the all seeing eye of the digital realm surrounds us.Welcome to the Digital utopia

A new dawn is upon us, Its omnipotent, omnipresent abilities teleports those who follow its teachings-who crave its knowledge and who practice its possibilities to achieve "impossible" in a day....or two.

Innovation in technology not only captivates but dominates how we live, think ,interact and even absorb information. We find ourselves bound to this constant, frequent interaction-access to this digital universe like never before. So now, not only are we becoming or doing what we once thought was highly unlikely. We have surpassed it.My role in all of this is to neatly package and present all of these Awesome Digital Ideologies from my perspective into as many advertising and creative (Like minded channels,platforms as i possibly can...


Take one idea...and make it your life purpose

I Founded a start up Digital agency called "Odnatives Digital " that specialized in innovative Marketing and Design.The ideology is collaboration (with a database of 15 specialists) to bring brands some of the most cutting edge Campaigns, Graphic Design work and marketing Communications Johannesburg has ever scene. We are a small rapidly progressive Digital Services provider in The northern sections of Johannesburg and fall more into the Graphic Designing and web development side of the creative corporate margins of Advertising

Please inbox me for a business Profile and also check out some of our collaborate work at

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    • Key Accounts Manager-Digital Marketing Division
  • Education
    • Vega Degree (Creative Brand Communications)