Siti Nurul Hudah

Sunny Island Singapore

Hi, I'm Nurul and I love blogging since I am a full time Mommy and blogging is a fun way to interact with people and discover all the awesome possum blogger out there hoping that someday I could become like them!

Yes I must admit, that it isn't easy taking care of my 3 little munchkins who can turn the house upside down within 10 seconds.

Will I have another child?

YES! before I turn 40 years old and this time I want a girl I haven't yet discussed it with my husband. Most probably he will faint! LOL

What I LOVE?

I love to eat all the sweet candies, rich creamy cheesecake and I love white chocolates and anything that flavored cookies and cream. I love drinking Ice Blended I even loved Bubble Tea with extra pearls or pudding or jelly! I'm like a lion who loves to eat steak! ROAR! I love eating spicy food! I LOVE TO EAT! I love all skincare I can get to pile on my face! Just like BRATZ who love to put on makeup and I wish I can get to have all the makeup I could get my hands on but too bad I can't keep the make up for more than 6 months depending on what make up. SHOES! SHOES!!! I love pump shoes! HEELS!! HEELS!! WEDGES!! I can go totally insane with the different sleek design and brand to choose from! BAGS! HANDBAGS! TOTE BAGS! Another addiction! One more thing, I am a Sleeping Beauty! I love to sleep and dream of becoming rich and spoil my kids and myself! Lastly, I LOVE MY FAMILY.

What do I blog about and Why must you read it?

I must say that I blog about everything and anything? *isn't it the same meaning* I blog about my personal lifestyle and also about beauty too like review on product, share my makeup post, skincare regimen and more. Btw all the beauty products or cosmetics that I post are all not sponsored. So I am different. I work the hard way to be like all the beauty bloggers out there! I hope that all you gorgeous people have fun reading my blog and looking forward to each of my post!

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