Siti Jubaidah

Indonesia | EastKalimantan | Samarinda | LoaBakung

Hi, welcome !! i'm Siti Jubaidah, usually my friends call me Siti or Jubai, ada juga yang manggil Juu, ya it's okay.

well, let me just tell you that I was born on the 9th of August 1996 and i'm a LEO. Seventeen years ago, from Mr.Runi and Mrs.Rusmiah. Just saying ^_^. I was bald when still baby, my mom said that "Susah banget numbuhin rambut dikepalamu, sudah pake segala cara sampe kepalamu merah". Wkwkwk... I can't imagine that kalo itu terjadi sampe saat ini.

As a kid, I was very shy. Maybe it still until now. Diumur 4 tahun, sudah mulai punya teman-teman around my house area, when my friends invited me on their birthday party, biasanya si pembawa acara nyuruh buat maju kedepan untuk nyanyi "Happy Birthday" and then I cried cause can't sing. Haha kalo diingat-inget lucu ya, aku cengeng banget.

when I was 6 years old, aku masuk Sekolah Dasar 022 Loa Bakung. And it's amusing cause sudah lama aku ngebet pengen sekolah. Hampir tiap hari kalo main sekolah-sekolahan sama teman-teman, aku jadi ibu gurunya. In the elementary school aku joined di beberapa ekskul. I joined Pramuka, Drum Band, and Traditional Dance. With my activities, i became often late to went home and rarest in home on sunday. But it's cozy...

Graduated from Elementary School, aku masuk di SMP 16 Samarinda. Still around Loa Bakung, cause it's near from my home. Here's I studied about Islam very well. Why? all the girl students must wore a veil. And then we had to made a report about worship 5 times of the day. Dan saat-saat ini juga i had an acne in my face, but just not me, my friends also hehe... Graduated with Top 10 score made my mom went to the stage for took my charter. I cried about this....

I managed to go through my high school life still experiencing something around adolescent, like hanging out, crushes, etc. And continued to SMK TI Airlangga juggled me to busy person, why can ? I thought everyday to received a multitude of task. But it taught me to choose priorities and shaped me to the person I am now.

  • Work
    • 3 RPL As Class Treasurer
  • Education
    • SD NEGERI 022 Loa Bakung
    • SMP NEGERI 16 Samarinda
    • SMK TI AIRLANGGA Samarinda
    • Alaska Training Center