Siti Masturah

Public Speaker and Life Coach in Singapore

Siti Masturah

Public Speaker and Life Coach in Singapore

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Siti Masturah is a Business & Life Coach focusing on Entrepreneurship and Personal Development.

At many points of her life since her early schooling days, she was often teased and labelled as The Big Fat Ugly Girl and this deeply affected her self-esteem.

She grew up with a very low self-esteem which was deeply rooted inside her. She always thought that she was not good enough and because of this, she grew up not knowing how to love and accept herself for who she is.

She is a former Medical Device Sales & Support Representative who pursued full-time Entrepreneurship in 100% Authentic Designer Bags in 2012.

She was awarded Top 100 Excellence Award 2013/2014 and was featured in Local Newspaper Berita Harian in July 2013 for her Designer Bags Business and in Jan 2014 for collaboration with other Online Entrepreneurs for Offline event. She was also featured in Singapore National Day SG50 magazine

She went through a business turbulence in late 2013 with Business debts of $50,000.

She enrolled herself in LEAP Academy where she went through the MBA program which covers Mindset & Personal Development, Business Branding and Advisors/Mentorship.

Now Siti Masturah is a Business Coach to many others who have embarked on their entrepreneurship journey. They come from different backgrounds such as Professionals, Housewives, Single Mums and Small Business Owners.

Siti Masturah is rated Top 10% Social Media Influence by Klout.

She spoke at Harvard University Business Expert Forum in July 2016.

She was featured inLocal NewspapeBerita Harian Singapore on 12 Sept 2016 on her Harvard experience.

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