Siti Nadhirah

Student in Malaysia

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Hey, I’m Siti. I’m a student living in Malaysia. I am a fan of food, movies, and animals. I’m also interested in reading and arts. You can view my portfolio with a click on the button above.

what people appreciate about me?

some people says i am very open-minded person and will think deeply before i do anything. sometimes, i really care about people that i love especially my family and friends. i would not judge people easily because i know there's a story behind every person.

the most important thing in my life is my family. they was there when i need them. i also admit that my health is important as it is my responsibility to take care of it. we also can't deny the important education, learning skills and knowledge in life. education develops the people's mind to a great level and makes us able to understand the aspect on life.

i am really glad if people around especially people that i love try to understand the reason of my action and respect my decisions to show their support even though they are not agree with decisions.