Siti Nur Shafila Che Kamaruzaman

Student in Pasir Mas, Malaysia

Greetings, I’m Siti Nur Shafila Binti Che Kamaruzaman. I’m a student from Universiti Putra Malaysia Campus Serdang Selangor.I am taking Bachelor Sc in Major Mathematics.Besides that,i am from Pasir Mas Kelantan.Well, I am a fan of travel, music, and movies. I’m also interested in cooking and entrepreneurship.I am doing a "kain pasang", blouse and also jubah bissness.So if you have a plenty time,can visit my instagram @muslimah _bidadaries.


To all my family:

Thank you so much to my mother and father.I am very lucky to have both of you in my life.Both of you never give up to give moral support for me in all aspects.Eventhough they know i am not really good in academic they still give me support and always cheers me up when i am was down.Yes i admit that i am very sensitive person,only them can handle my emotion.But now,i am not sensitive anymore.yeayy.I m hapy with that.I am also have 4 sisters.I love them so much.They are my friends,girlfriends and boyfriends.

To my friends:

For all my friends that read this!once we are friends and get know each others, that mean i am really mean it.I will help you,love you and care about you.Sometimes,not all people can accept others due to the way that we live.But please,i am never care about your life.The important things is about our relationship.I want to be with all of you untill Jannah.but truely here,i am always alone.Being alone more comfortable and relax. I am feel so lucky when i need them,they always with me.Thank you so much.xoxo

How to Support:

Every person have different ways to support each others.For me,its enough to give me moral support when i am was down and give motivate to believe that i can do it.Indeed,i am really appreciate for those always be with me.Thank you again. :)