Sitirahma Desmarleni

Volunteer and Dentist in Indonesia

Sitirahma Desmarleni

Volunteer and Dentist in Indonesia

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a 20s fresh graduate who is currently doing PTT (work 2years-contract under Ministry of Health) in a very remote district, Napal Putih, North Bengkulu.

Prior to that, I served in Anambas Archiepelago Regency, a very remote and border islands in the south china sea for 6 months.

I live in an old soul, interested in politic, health development, population and public policy. I like my job, but I'd love to if I can switch my job.

6 years during dental school, I had a lot of exciting activites. I was volunteer to JARIMULIA and Playplus Indonesia ( a social project funded by U.S. Department of State) also did part time work as facilitator and trainer PIK Program at BKKBN Yogyakarta. Besides, appointed 2 years as Youth Advisory Panel Board Member for International Organization UNFPA had brought me to involved in adolescent reproductive health, and population development issues. I had attended several forums, working group, expert meetings and conferences related to those issues. Some others thought I was an activist, yet I was just being an opportunist who seek certain experiences to grow.

Been away for years, in the end of 2015 I decided to come back and work in remote district 4-hours driving from home. There's nothing much to say about my recent activities. I've gotta get a job to make a living and pay bills. A cliche and boring life after school. I travel some times to make my life more interesting though.

In 2011, I got an honor to study in Arizona State University, US, under IELSP Scholarship. A year later, I was selected as Young Leader for Indonesia by McKinsey Company Jakarta Office - one of the most prestiges leadership program for high achiever students, where I met and interacted with many great leader of Indonesia including former VP Budiono, Ahok, Anis Baswedan and Sofyan Djalil.

I was a believer and high achiever back then. But now, I restrain my potential and got stuck in routinity by doing something I'm not really into. I still struggle to find a way out, meanwhile I'm trying to contribute and make my days worth to count.

One thing I should be proud of that I work to provide every Indonesian's right of getting access in dental and oral health services. I know, it sounds so heroic especially for the drama-adventurous part living in out of nowhere area.

I went to University Muhammadiyah of Yogyakarta and spending 6 years of my entire ages in Jogja was the best decision I've ever made.